Thursday, December 22, 2005

2: 30fps is hard

Two hours. I think I spent two hours, and what do I have to show for it? 1 second of film footage. *sigh*

What I want to do is combine 15fps and 30fps, so that I can just do the majority of the film in 15fps, but for the fast fighting shots, do it at 30fps. But I can't think in 30fps, I don't know what's wrong with me.

I tried the shot with Maggie, Red Kicker and Green Puncher again. However, after working on it for about an hour, and finally running it, I had 20 frames and it was way too fast for 30fps, but it was also too slow for 15 fps. It was also too fast for 24fps.

So I redid it, took another hour, made it a bit smoother, and had 22 frames, (but removed an extra kick). It was still too fast for 30fps! However, it seems to be ok for 24fps. Still rather quick, but that's ok, it's supposed to be fast.

So maybe I'll just do the whole thing in 24fps, because the majority of it is fighting anyways, not plot.

I really like how well the lego snaps onto the Stikfas though. Makes it difficult, because I'll never use feet that much, but they can easily pose and hold their position quite well. I put round 1x1's on the bottom, so now I can rotate them better.

I also downloaded some Jackie Chan clips from a website. Although I can't use them for rotoscoping (which I was hoping to do), it does give me some more great ideas for moves! I need to get more of these clips. Sure, it's not original, but I'm having a hard enough time trying to get the sense of how to move these characters realistically, let alone coming up with original moves. Sheesh! Hopefully, by the time it gets to the end fight, I will have enough familiarity that I can experiment more.