Sunday, April 22, 2007

26: "Have we started again?"

I lay awake in bed at night and go through action sequences for my movie. My wife doesn't understand me.

Well, last night, I finally came to a decision: I won't get this thing done. So I may as well finish what I have and release it. I have too many hobbies and my kids like to watch me animate, which results in no animating.

So Saturday night, I decided to finish the movie with the footage I have.

My nieces are over, so that means there are now four children in the house all wondering what I'm doing in the Lego room. However, the children keep themselves entertained and I can actually get a bit of animating done. Sure, they come up, look at the computer screen, and think that it's really "cool" and then feel the need to touch the camera, and the desk and the Maggie figure, but the shots I'm shooting are really short.

I needed to get some transition shots, and do a few more shots for the beginning of the film. Then the final battle between the boss and Maggie (which is short and slightly unsatisfying).

Maggie is quite loose now. Her forearm falls off, her feet fall off, her waist barely supports her torso. Her neck is stiff though. I can't even get her to turn her head without turning the whole body. That's change a bit of my shots because I wanted her to shake her head. Well, she's not doing it anymore. Fortunately, her hair is the right amount of stiffness.

I think the next time I do one of these films (when my kids are teenagers and don't want to be near their parents), I will have to buy more of the same stikfas so they don't wear out so fast. Of course, that's assuming I have the money to keep on spending on these guys...good grief. In 10 years time they'll probably be 50 bucks each. Maybe they'll send me free ones because I'm such a nice guy with a nice cute film. *sigh* One can dream.

Enough of my bellyaching, I got most of the shots done. All that needs to be done are a bit of edits, the sound and then we're laughing. There's no sweet taste of success or popularity, but it's good to know I'm finally going to get this project done.

I probably should update the blog template to look nicer. Ugh...more work.