Tuesday, April 24, 2007

28: Final Battle

Final stretch! I'm importing it into Garage band as we speak.

Just finished adding the sound effects, and the sad thing is, near the last 10 seconds of footage, it starts going SLOW on me! GAH! It doesn't play as smoothly, so I can't watch the whole thing to make sure the alignment of sounds is correct. *sigh* I wonder if it's because it's on an external driver. Bummer.

Anyways, I found out I can just drag in the completed movie overtop the old video clip in garageband, but it's taking a long time to convert. I was able to answer all my messages in facebook and update the blog.

With my luck, it will crash.

So I found my old sounds that I had from the original 1xY, and I also used some of the sounds from the Brickfilms Sound Library. Took me a while to find the sound library, I couldn't seem to find the link. I think I'm just burnt or something. I had to find it from google. I even went into the thread and didn't see it. (Ok, I just went back to the site so I could add the URL link, and of course, it's on the side. I am POSITIVE it wasn't there before, because I looked there. Bah.)

Afterwards, I will need to add a link this blog and make a front page and I'm DONE! Huzzah.

If you made it this far, thanks for sticking with me! I know I can talk an awful lot, and it get's quite dull in parts... most parts... heck, I'm blogging about animating. That's probably about as much fun as watching people animate.

If all you did was skip to the end, well, if you couldn't be bothered to read the whole blog, there's definitely nothing at the end that would interest you. It's not a novel or anything. (I wrote one, which is no more interesting than this blog, but you could skip to the end of that too to complete whatever end-reading quotient you need to fulfill).

Uh, sorry, I'm wasting time waiting for the thing to import. Gosh, it's still not done. Maybe I'll spend my time in the bathroom then...

[Few minutes Later]

Hey, why doesn't it the dock icon bounce up and down when it's done? Bother, I guess a dialogue box has to pop up for that.

Ok, it imported in, and it won't play because it's too slow. Bummer, it's only a 2 minute film. My computer is too slow. Although, I'm able to do 2 hour home videos fine. I don't understand this at all.

Oh well, I'm just exporting it. I'm hoping it will be ok.

[Bathroom break later]

Oh goody! It's done! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!

Hmm, it's low quality, I didn't change the export settings.


But it seems to export fine. Things are somewhat ok (although one scene is a bit fast...oh well...I'll change it in the redux).


I wanted a low quality version anyways. I'm so excited! Huzzah!

[Mored exporting later]

Bother, why is this so hard? I want an original size, .mov file. Full quality gives me an 800 meg honking file. *sigh*

Ok, the video export in garage band isn't as versatile. So I just removed the video track, exoprted it and reimported it into imovie.

Finally. Good grief.