Saturday, January 28, 2006

19: Clear Nail Polish is the Best!

Works like a charm!

After about 3 coats of clear nail polish, Maggie is as good as new!

I was able to do this shot without worrying about Maggie flipping over.

Now that these shots are taking a lot longer to film, because of the number of Stikfas in them, I'm starting to cheat a bit. When Maggie does her handstand kick, one hand is completely off the screen. That's the hand that is holding on to the lego.

The red stikfas that is jumping is also holding on to lego, but I photoshopped that out.

This shot is also very quick. If you blink, you'll miss Maggie kicking. You probably don't even notice red jumping because it happens too fast, as well as why he's jumping. Well, the green guy that fell rolls backwards and trips the other green guy in the back. Unfortunately, I'm not pleased with that because the guy that is tripped falls too fast.

I have to slow these things down somehow, but these shots are taking me about 3 hours to do.

In fact, this shot is so quick that I forgot to erase the 1x1 Tap the first time around. In the preview clip above, you will notice that the falling green guy 's hand is holding on to a 1x1 Tap in the first 3 frames. I didn't edit it out because I didn't realize it was there until I watched the clip over and over again.