Tuesday, December 27, 2005

4: Nine Seconds Complete!

Yay! Got about 9 seconds of footage!

I decided to do a bunch of filler shots. So, I have Red Kicker falling down after being kicked, then I have Green puncher running up to Maggie before the fist scene, then I have Green flying off of plate, then I have Red Kicker getting up.

Not too pleased with Green flying off of the plate. Looks a bit too choppy for me. But I do like Red Kicker getting up and shaking his head, it's surprisingly smooth, and it should be, at 24fps!

Had to try a variety of different ways to pin them down though. I am trying to avoid any editing of the frames, so I'm trying to hide the devices holding up the Stikfas by not so careful positioning of the arms.

The handle of a those simple ray guns fit into the square slots of the Stikfas (well, after you snip it a bit with a nail clipper), and I used that to hold up Green kicker. But it was a bit fragile, and so I may try and use other methods to holding them up, or just do it the old fashioned way of editing frames.


I bought more Stikfas! Bought two more reds, two more green, and then I bought the black Ninja. I don't even know if I am going to use the Black Ninja, but it sure looks cool. :)

I need to do a couple of more filler shots, and then I'll get to the Red Kicker vs Maggie scene. I'm kinda dreading it because I haven't really figured out the order of the kicks, and I don't want to do any frame editing, especially at 24fps, but I guess I will have to now. I could just use some chroma keying software, but I've never been pleased with the effects...