Tuesday, January 24, 2006

18: Waist Loose

Well, I think I'm done with the shot. I'm not satisfied with it, but it took me ten hours to do 49 frames, so I'm not redoing it.

The guy who gets footsweeped doesn't leap up properly either. His leg shoots up, but his whole body should go. There is a lot of stuff that happens in that one shot, so I don't know if people will even notice anything. Well, there is a lot of stuff not happening too, so it's just one big blur.

I did motion blur maggie's arms and legs though, I thought then it would be easier to see the path they take.

Problem is, they're currently in a position which I don't really know what to do with. All my laid out plans were for naught. Well, the plans I had which weren't written down. I have some ideas, but they seem kludgey at best, so I will have to think on it some more.

Stikfas Repairs

Maggie's waist is super loose. It won't stand up on it's own. I did some research and found this article at stikcustomizers.com. So I'll be playing with some clear nail polish and hopefully I won't destroy poor Maggie...I'm not much of a fixit guy.