Saturday, January 14, 2006

12: Introducing Green

Did a couple of filler shots and then green puncher's drop into existence.

I first took all my plates downstairs, arranged them on the black table, and then took a picture of Maggie on them. Then I edited them so that it's only black all around.

This was to get a wide angle view of the platform Maggie is on. It's kinda jarring when in the film, but I don't currently know how to fix that easily. So it's staying.

The next two shots I have Maggie surveying her surroundings, and then she looks up. I do a quick birds eye view, and then what do I notice afterwards? A piece of the black plate that I was using to hold up the base plate is showing. AUGH!!!!

The easiest way I could do a bird's eye view was to put the base plate on the wall and then secure it on desk with some lego angle brackets. I then secured Maggie with some lego and did some quick shots.

But only afterwards did I see that I left one of the black plates showing. *sigh* And it sticks out too! I'm tempted to leave the stupid thing in.

Green Falls Down

Yuck, I did this all wrong. I did it backwards so that I could get the pose right, and then I screw everything up. His snap into position is way too quick. The pose looks ok, but the fall is so jarring.

I was also wanted to pan the camera downwards following his fall, but there's no point in a black background, so the end result you see him land on a sliver of a baseplate.

Bleah. I can't think backwards, which is probably a surprise to a lot of my friends who think of me nothing but backwards. :)

Here's a pic of me animating the green falling. Exciting stuff, hunh?