Tuesday, January 17, 2006

14: Red Shows Off

There's not much to show off for Red.

His kicks suck. *sigh*

I filmed it and everything went way too fast. So instead of redoing it, because I had already spent an hour and a half on it, I went through and inserted frames in.

This wasn't too bad, except the arms seem to be really choppy.

So I'm not going to say much about this shot other than the fact that I know it's poor. Maybe the sound will cover it up.

My other excuse for the lack of quality is because this particular red stikfas is rather...well-used. Both my kids love to play with them. This stikfas is the one I give to Zoe and she does all sorts of interesting experiments with it, most of which involves being crushed in her hand. Sometimes she'll come to me with the leg missing, looking all expectant that I should fix this minor inconvenience the stikfas had imposed upon her.

So now, the poor guys arm is all wonky. It won't pose very correctly and hangs there limp, like Steve Austin's bionic arm when it was attacked by that wierd robot thing that looked like a Dalek. Remember that? I mean, I couldn't understand why it was so threatening, it was on wheels! All Steve had to do was climb up a tree and hurl big rocks at it. Uh...anyways, where was I.

Anime Shot

I also did the anime pose shot of the three combatants. The lighting for this was extremely difficult because I only have two lights to illuminate two things at a time. Having Maggie have light from behind required me to balance this fluorescant light on the camera itself. I need better lighting or something.

The shots ok, though. I need to find a way to have it move though, like burst in or radial blurred or something.

Real Life

Was way too tired to do any animating last night, although I don't know why. Here, I was happy to have an evening to do some filming because all the kids were exhausted and went to bed early! Wouldn't you know it, I was exhausted too. So I continued to read Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, which I had picked up to read on the way to Calgary. I had also picked up Thud as well as Guards! Guards!: A Discworld Graphic Novel, both of which I tremendously enjoyed. Although the latter would be confusing had you not read the book.

Problem with reading, I find, is that after I do a lot of reading, I feel the urge to write, but right now I'm in the middle of animating, and I barely have enough time to do that! It would be cool to do a graphic novel, if I could draw well enough. *sigh* It would be fun to do Dorin as a graphic novel.