Monday, April 23, 2007

27: Music Score

Since I want to get the film out by the end of this week, I will do the music by myself. Well, I, personally won't be doing it, I will be grabbing loops off of Garage Band.

But first, I needed to fix a few scenes. The first is the shot where Maggie is surrounded by the foes she defeated. That was just done in paint shop pro. Took three different shots and combined them together.

The second was doing the anime motion charge of the final boss figure. That was done in flash, but flash doesn't export to quicktime when you use the special filters of Flash 8. So I had to just export each frame individually and put them together in iMovie.

That done, I spend the next 3 hours trying to come up with a soundtrack and eventually result in a sucky one. *sigh* Sen makes it look easy. I would get him to do it, but he's busy, and I want this off my plate this week.

And yes, I should be doing my taxes. But no, I'm playing with my animation. Don't follow my lead, kids.

I finally have music that's passable. Garageband, however, doesn't let me export mp3s. It allows me to do the score of the movie, which is REALLY helpful, but the movie was supposed to be 'done'. :(

Now I have to figure out how to get this score out and put in the sound effects. I want to put the sound effects in imovie. I should have done that first. I hope I can figure out how to get that score in there.

Sometimes the restrictions software products put on you can be so annoying. Why won't it let me export my creations into mp3? *sigh* I can't even burn the music to iTunes. And I had to copy the film to the movies directory, because I can't pull in the movie from another director. Blah.

Oh well, it's still infinitely easier than any other film editing software.

I hope to get done this thing soon. Oh ya, I forgot to put film credits in, silly me. I will have to do that. It's just me though, so no big deal.